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Your Journey to Debt Freedom Starts Now!

You’re not alone! Break free from debt’s grip with support from Parachute Credit Counseling, your local resource.

Debt can ambush you when you least expect it, leaving you feeling overwhelmed. But don’t despair.

We’re here for YOU, right here in your local community.

At Parachute, our certified credit counselors understand the strain debt can bring. Let us help you find a path to financial freedom so you can focus on living your life to the fullest.

  • Fill out the following form to create a secure account and provide us with your monthly income & expenses, and a listing of your debts
  • A counselor will analyze your data and provide you with a Debt Management Plan estimate and other resources to help you become debt-free
  • A Debt Management Plan helps eliminate credit card debt by reducing interest rates and minimum monthly payments, so your debt is paid off in full within 5 years or less

See What You Could Save

Use this calculator to see your potential savings.

You could save up to and pay off your debt sooner with a Parachute DMP!

Paying On Your Own


Payment Amount


Time to Payoff


Total Cost w/Interest

Paying with Parachute


Payment Amount


Time to Payoff


Total Cost w/Interest

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*This is an ESTIMATE to help you compare the cost of paying only your minimum payments vs. paying them off through a Parachute Debt Management Plan (DMP). This is NOT A GUARANTEED quote. Each creditor has their own payment requirements for accepting a DMP proposal. We use an interest rate of 24% for the current interest rate, and an average DMP interest rate of 7.45% for the calculations. These estimates are only based on general terms (payment requirements and interest rates) from an average creditor; actual terms vary by creditor and account; your terms may be higher or lower. This estimate does not include a monthly fee which would be included in your total DMP Payment.

Services we offer:

Debt Management

Credit and Budget Counseling

Housing Counseling

Personal Assistance, Right in Your Neighborhood.

We offer debt management support through in-person or online services for our Buffalo community.


40 Gardenville Parkway, Suite 300
West Seneca, NY 14224

What clients have to say about us…

“I was somewhat nervous, but my Counselor at the time was very understanding. I paid off about $30000 worth of debt in the 4 years 3 months and at the end of it I managed to buy a house by myself.”

Jennifer B.

Debt: $30,000

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