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Workshops & Events

Listen and learn about financial health in one of our many workshops.

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Agency Talk

Tailored to the needs and interests of your organization, a certified presenter will discuss the services that Parachute offers and how these services can help empower people to achieve their financial goals.

We can also customize workshops to meet the needs of particular audiences.

College Credit for Life

Our goal is to educate high school and college-bound students regarding responsible ways to obtain and use credit as they approach a time in their life where they will have greater exposure to financial products. Valuable information is given regarding loans, credit cards, and student loans to help better manage their financial future.

Credit Counts – Credit Presentation

A comprehensive overview of what information is on your credit report and how your credit score is determined. Valuable tips and suggestions are given to build, rebuild and protect your credit as well as increase your credit score.

Dollars & Sense – Budgeting Presentation

A step by step guide to putting together a workable budget for your household to help you achieve your financial goals. Several different budgeting methods are reviewed to give you options in finding what method works best for you.

Financial Success

This course will provide guidance on various topics such as developing a workable budget, reviewing different budgeting techniques, setting financial goals, and exploring creative ways to save and reduce expenses. In addition, this course will cover credit reporting and scoring; providing a comprehensive overview of what information is on your credit report, how your credit score is determined, and what you can do to protect your credit as well as increase your credit score.

Foreclosure/Loss Mitigation Workshop

Learn steps to take to avoid foreclosure, loss mitigation process, workout options, how to avoid scams and predatory lending and resources available for assistance.

Identity Theft Prevention

Gain the tools and knowledge to detect identity theft. Reduce the risk of becoming a victim. Also learn what to do in the event you think you have become a victim of identity theft or fraud.

Making Sense of Your Student Loan Debt

Better understand your student loan debt. Learn to manage it effectively. Review the differences between federal and private loans, repayment plan options, consolidation pros & cons, and loan forgiveness programs.

Pre-Purchase/Homebuyer Education

A course designed for first-time homebuyers or individuals that have not purchased a home recently. This course gives participants the step-by-step information in preparation of homeownership, understanding lending requirements and how to maintain their home once they own it.

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Request a workshop listed above or a workshop customized to your needs. A certified Parachute presenter leads all workshops.