Counseling Services

Good financial health is easier than you think. Debt. Credit. Budgeting. Housing. We can help you with each.

Debt Management

Take this path to become debt-free.
Your story is about so much more than your debt.

Credit & Budget Counseling

It can be overwhelming: credit reports, credit scores, debt, making and keeping budgets.
We’ve been there. We can help.

Housing Counseling

A new home can be a dream. A mortgage can be daunting. And rent can be a squeeze.
You’re not alone! Our HUD-certified counselors can help.

I think the services this agency provides are vital and love that everyone is friendly from the receptionist to the top!

Liz W.

If you have a disability, language barrier or any impairment that may affect access to services, please call us at (716) 712-2060 so that we can assist in making alternative arrangements.