CCCS is growing, and hiring!

CCCS is growing, and hiring! Please share, resumes can be sent to

Job Description

Job Title:
                    Financial Wellness Specialist


                        Vice President of Counseling 

A Financial Wellness Specialist’s primary responsibility is to conduct counseling sessions with individuals and families regarding budgeting, debt and credit issues.  A Specialist will provide financial education and guidance while recommending various educational and community programs in order to improve clients’ financial situations.  Financial Wellness Specialist’s empower clients to take control of their financial lives, in an empathetic and compassionate manner, while always accounting for what will be in the client’s best interest based on the client’s unique situation. Financial Wellness Specialist’s also provide Counseling Intake support at the initial contact point for clients and all general incoming calls, requiring patience and positive energy.  Financial Wellness Specialists answer incoming calls, direct calls, greet clients and guests in-person at reception window.

Ø    Strong teamwork skills essential
Ø    Knowledge of computer applications, with proficiency in Microsoft Word and Excel
Ø    Excellent oral and written communication skills
Ø    Ability to multi-task 
Ø    Must be able to work efficiently under strict deadlines/timeframes
Ø    Must attain educational certifications, as required
Ø    Position requires attention to detail and basic math/accounting skills
Ø    Prior case management and/or counseling experience helpful, or experience within Agency
Ø    Associate and/or Bachelor Degree preferred
About CCCS Buffalo:

CCCS of Buffalo is a non-profit, full-service credit counseling agency, providing confidential financial guidance, financial education, counseling and credit repayment assistance to consumers since 1965.  CCCS of Buffalo helps consumers trim expenses, develop a spending plan and repay debts.  Counseling is available at our Main Office in West Seneca, in one of our Satellite Offices, by telephone and via Internet.

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