CCCS Offers FREE Counseling Services & FREE Virtual Workshops for Financial Literacy Month, Starting April 1st

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The 1-year mark of the COVID 19 pandemic is upon us, and the impact has been heavy on people of all financial levels, particularly lower- and middle-income Americans. The toll of the damage has been vast, and the financial consequences may loom for years to come. Millions of Americans experienced unemployment and job loss for the first time, while many more have experienced hardship causing a range of economic challenges from the depletion of savings, to missing  loan payments, to housing insecurity.

April also marks Financial Literacy Month, tax season, and the receipt of the third Economic Impact (Stimulus) Payment; an excellent opportunity to review your finances, gain financial knowledge, and improve your overall financial outlook.

Consumer Credit Counseling Service (CCCS) announced today that it will offer free credit counseling services for the month of April; which will include “Financial Counseling”, “Financial Coaching”, and “Credit Report Review” sessions by phone and encourages all those concerned with their financial issues to call 712-2060 or visit A Certified Financial Counselor will address financial concerns and provide community resources and relief options that may be available for consumers struggling with mortgage, student loan, auto loan and credit card payments. In addition, a Counselor can thoroughly review an individual’s or household’s income and expenses, credit report and score, and assist in creating a sustainable household budget.

In addition, CCCS, continues to offer free virtual workshops throughout the month focused on various topics such as budgeting, credit, managing student loans, identify theft and scams, and COVID-19 related relief, resources and referrals.

Upcoming April Workshops:

  • “Keeping Your Credit and Wallet Safe” – April 13th @ 12:00 PM
  • “Making Sense of Student Loan Repayment” – April 27th @ 5:30 PM EST

In addition, CCCS offers the following recommendations and guidance regarding the most recent stimulus payments: Make a spending plan before spending any of the money to determine how it can be best utilized

  • Catch up on any past due bills – Specifically housing and utility expenses
  • Start or fund an emergency savings account – This can help with unexpected expenses right away, or in the future
  • Pay down high interest rate debt, particularly credit cards
  • Start a holiday savings account – It’s never too early
  • Invest for your future – retirement, college savings, etc.

Financial Literacy Month is celebrated throughout the U.S. every April. Congress originally created it to raise public awareness about the importance of financial education and the serious consequences associated with a lack of understanding about personal finances.

This year, CCCS is using Financial Literacy Month to encourage all Western New York residents to determine their financial weaknesses, address debt, develop a budget, increase financial capabilities and to improve their economic stability. By providing free credit counseling services during the month of April, CCCS is taking positive action to promote financial stability for individuals and families in our region.

Community members are urged to call CCCS at 712-2060 or visit Take action to get back on a path toward financial stability and security during these extraordinary times.