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Noelle CarterMar 26, 20192 min read

Student Loan Counseling

With average student loan debt per graduate a staggering $39,400, student loans continue to create problems for individuals, families and the economy at large. “Student loans are in crisis with two in five borrowers likely to default within five years,”…

Noelle CarterMar 22, 20191 min read

Be Savvy – Avoid IRS Scams

  Be wary of ANY calls you receive from the IRS. Do not give in to fear tactics, the IRS will never call you to request payment or threaten lawsuits or arrests.   Tips: Don’t share any of your information –…

Noelle CarterMar 19, 20192 min read

We’re On a Mission!

By Noelle Carter   CCCS of Buffalo is on a Mission. We are determined to ensure everyone has access to  financial counseling, from an expert who is looking out for their clients’ best interest, and not the bottom line of…