We’re On a Mission!

By Noelle Carter

CCCS of Buffalo is on a Mission. We are determined to ensure everyone has access to  financial counseling, from an expert who is looking out for their clients’ best interest, and not the bottom line of a large company’s profits. Unfortunately, for-profit companies have large advertising budgets and prey on consumers who are desperate, and in need of a cure-all for their financial troubles. The messages they convey to draw consumers in inevitably leads to a case of overpromising, and under delivering.

To help spread the word of CCCS of Buffalo’s local presence as a leading financial counseling agency, who has been providing financial counseling for over 50 years, we enlisted help from one of our clients, who best to tell the story of the help we are able to deliver than a member of the WNY community?! Christina struggled with crippling credit card debt until she got help from CCCS of Buffalo. She made that brave phone call, and now, just over 4 years later, Christina is credit card debt free.

Keep a lookout, and an ear out, for Christina on the radio and in online ads. Help us join the battle against companies who are looking to take advantage of consumers who are in a vulnerable financial position, and let them know there is a NONPROFIT agency right in their backyard, ready and willing to help. Services cover anything from credit card debt, housing issues, credit issues, student loan repayment difficulties, homebuyer education and beyond.
If you, or someone you know is looking for financial advice, pick up the phone and call CCCS of Buffalo for honest advice, with no judgment attached.……716-712-2060 or 1-800-926-9685