Budget Friendly Staycation Ideas


We all need a break from work from time to time. How do you take some vacation time but not get into debt or throw your budget off? The answer for many of us is to take a “Staycation.” You can have a good time by staying close to home or being a tourist in your own town!

Staycation ideas that won’t break the bank:

·         Check out local parks and trails to hike

·         Plan a backyard camping night

·         Have a movie night complete with snacks from the Dollar Store

·         Have a craft night with supplies from the Dollar Store

·         Wanting to have a swim? Check out local hotel deals for a cheap one night stay somewhere with a pool

·         Plan a picnic

·         Have a beach day if one is nearby

·         Have friends or family over for a potluck dinner

·         Plan a game night/day with cards or board games

·         See a matinee movie

·         Pick a recipe for a new food or cuisine that is not too expensive and make some new food at home

·         Have an at home spa/pamper day – give yourself a manicure, pedicure, face mask, etc.

·         Check out the local music scene – many restaurants/bars and other areas have free live music

·         Look for free events and activities in your area—Google “free things to do in your city”

·         Check out local museums or art galleries—many museums and galleries offer a free day once per month

The possibilities are endless! What budget friendly staycation ideas do you have to share?